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GLBT Aspies and other non-socialites

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hi, there [Nov. 12th, 2007|12:29 am]
GLBT Aspies and other non-socialites


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I'm a newbie and thought I should introduce myself (the polite thing to do, after all. Knowing the rules of manners makes these things so much easier!). I'm a 29 year old partnered male in Portland, Oregon, that only discovered what Asperger's is a while ago. I haven't yet had the courage to involve actual professionals (I hate going to any sort of doctor; my experiences with shrinks have not been great), but am quite certain after doing an obscene amount of research, and reflecting upon my personal history, that I belong here. Anyway, needless to say, I'm not really that social in person. My husband is all the homo sapien I really need in my life (and he has issues of his own, general anxiety disorder stemming from PTSD). I really much prefer my large menagerie of animals to most people. But after having the blinding flash of understanding when I learned about aspies, I felt a need to reach out to a community that might understand. So here I am.

My profile list my "special interests" and/or obsessions pretty well, so say hi if you like. :)